The World List of Natural Sites of Tourist Attraction

Tadrart Acacus also known as the Acacus Mountains is a mountain run in Ghat, Libya. It structures some piece of the Saharan Desert. The Tadrart Acacus have a large variation of landscapes, from different-coloured dunes to arches, gorges, isolated rocks and deep wadis (ravines). Major landmarks include the arches of Afzejare and Tin Khlega. Although this area is one of the most arid in the Sahara, there is vegetation, such as the medicinal Calotropis procera, and there are a number of springs and wells in the mountains.

Tadrart Acacus Tadrart Acacus

Location: Ghat District, Libya

The year of entering to the World List of Tourist Attractions:   2018

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