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"Dasmia" is a unique restaurant and banquet complex with an emphasis on Kyrgyz customs and traditions. There are several unique objects on the territory, which have no analogues in the whole world. The complex introduces visitors to the life of the ancient Kyrgyz people, the atmosphere of its hospitality and coziness, also offers to enjoy Kyrgyz cuisine and live performances of folklore music.

Today the recreation center includes:

• Guest house "Aikul Ordo";

• Dasmia Restaurant;

• Ethno-chaikhana "Charpaya;

• Cultural and Ethnographic Complex "Kyrgyz Ayili";

In the center of "Dasmiya" is presented a unique in Kyrgyzstan cultural-ethnographic complex and the largest yurt in the world - "Aikul Ordo".

During the construction of this complex, all customs and ceremonies associated with the dwelling of nomadic Kyrgyz were observed. The architectural style of the complex is made in the national style with the use of modern technologies, and when it was finished using only traditional materials: a felt, wood and national elements of decor. "Aikul Ordo" has a domed vault and has amazing acoustic data.

Cultural and Ethnographic Complex Cultural and Ethnographic Complex

Location: Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

The year of entering to the World List of Tourist Attractions:   2018

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