The goals of the International list of tourist sights are:

  • protection, promotion and popularization of the variety of sights, tourism and traveling as the forms of self-expression;
  • creation of additional conditions for flowering and free interaction of different cultures to the benefit of all by means of tourism and travelling;
  • promotion of the dialog between multiple institutes aimed at provision of more extensive and balanced tourism world market to the benefit of mutual respect between the cultures and the world culture;
  • promotion of intercultural communication through tourism and traveling for the development of cultural interaction and bridging between the peoples;
  • encouragement of tourism and traveling as diversity of cultural self-expression and making people aware of its value at the local, national and international level;
  • confirmation of the point that tourism contributes much to the development of all the countries, developing in particular, support of national and international measures taken for acceptance of real value of this relation;
  • recognition of special attraction of the sights as vectors of identity, values and meaning;
  • strengthening of international cooperation and partnership, particularly, for extension of opportunities of the developing countries in terms of popularization, protection and promotion of variety of sights.