It includes:

monuments: architectural works, works of monumental sculpture and paintings, archeological elements or structures, inscriptions, caves and groups of elements of great global value in terms of history, art or science;

architectural complexes: groups of individual or connected buildings of outstanding value in terms of history, art or science due to their architecture, cohesion or integrity with the landscape;

sights: masterpieces made by humans or by humans and nature, and zones, including archaeological sites of outstanding universal value in terms of history, aesthetics, ethnology or anthropology;

underwater cultural heritage sites: traces of human existence of cultural, historical or archaeological nature located under water fully or partially, regularly or constantly, the sites, constructions, buildings, artifacts and human remains with their archaeological and natural environment, ships, flying machines, the other vehicles or their components, their cargo or other content along with their archaeological and natural environment, objects of prehistorical times;

real estate objects (including the archaeological sites) and other objects with the territories, paintings, sculptures, works of decorative and applied arts, science and technology, other tangible cultural works related to them which have been created as a result of historical events and become the tourist attractions in terms of history, archeology, town planning, arts, science and technology, aesthetics, ethnology or anthropology, social culture being the evidence of the epochs, civilizations, original source of information on birth and development of the civilization.